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Quirin Privatbank Equity Research begins coverage – a second analysis company sees considerable potential in the share

  • Price target: EUR 3.50
  • Opinion: “Buy”

Berlin, 26.08.2021 – With the publication of an initial study by Quirin Privatbank Equity Research, The Grounds Real Estate Development AG share (The Grounds / ISIN: DE000A2GSVV5) is now being accompanied by two renowned analysis houses. In their first assessment published yesterday, the opinion of the Quirin analysts is “Buy”, and they see considerable potential in the share, with a price target of EUR 3.50 – and so also do the SMC Research analysts (price target: EUR 3.60). Thus in the analysts’ opinion, and in view of the current price level of EUR 2.36, there is an upside-potential of 48%.

Positive framework conditions on the German residential real estate market, in conjunction with the managements’ track record, convince the analysts that The Grounds will successfully realise the growth targets as planned. The analysts stress that The Grounds, with its growing portfolio, project development and privatisation, has a uniquely diversified business model among listed real estate companies, and they make a correspondingly positive assessment of its prospects.


Company contact:
The Grounds Real Estate Development AG
Arndt Krienen/Jacopo Mingazzini, Board Members
Charlottenstrasse 79-80, 10117 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 2021 6866
Fax: +49 (0) 30 2021 6849
E-mail: info@thegroundsag.com
Web: www.thegroundsag.com

Investor Relations:
Ingo Janssen, Managing Director
Haus der Wirtschaft, Kapstadtring 10
22297 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 40 6378 5410
E-mail: ir@ubj.de
Web: www.ubj.de

Public Relations:
Peter Dietze-Felberg
Wallstrasse 16
10179 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 284 49 87 62
E-mail: dietze@rueckerconsult.de
Web: www.rueckerconsult.de

About The Grounds
The Grounds Group realises housing projects in German metropolitan regions. In addition, The Grounds Group holds a steadily growing residential portfolio as fixed assets. The Grounds Real Estate Development AG is listed in the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange's OTC segment Primärmarkt (ISIN: DE000A2GSVV5), has its seat in Berlin and an office in Stuttgart.


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