Ad hoc disclosure

Netwatch plans reorientation of their business operations

Netwatch AG, WKN A0STSH

Netwatch plans a reorientation of their business operations, a majority takeover of The Grounds Real Estate AG, Berlin, and a cash capital increase.

Munich, 10 May 2017. The Netwatch AG Management Board has decided to pursue a reorientation of the company’s operations to the real estate business, and to this end, to propose a combined cash and non-cash capital increase with subscription rights of up to EUR 17,600,000.00 to the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting 2017.

The new shares are to be offered to shareholders by way of an indirect subscription right at a still-to-be determined subscription price, in the ratio of 1:44 (i.e. forty-four new shares can be purchased for one old share).

Shares that are not subscribed within the scope of the subscription period may be used freely. They shall primarily be issued against a non-cash capital increase of 94.9 % of the shares in The Grounds Real Estate AG, Berlin (“The Grounds”), which already operates in the real estate business.
Remaining new shares, which have not been subscribed by shareholders, shall be nationally and internationally placed as best as possible. To this end, amongst others, and apart from a listing in Düsseldorf, the company pursues a trade listing in the regulated unofficial market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and a medium-term possible second listing abroad.

Within the context of the reorientation, Netwatch AG will change their company name to “The Grounds Real Estate Development AG” and relocate their registered domicile to Berlin. In future they will function as a group holding company.

The Annual General Meeting shall convene at short notice.
10 May 2017 Netwatch AG, Management Board