Supervisory Board

Dr. Peter Maser

Supervisory Board Chairman

Member of the Supervisory Board since 4. July 2023

Dr. Peter Maser is a lawyer and has many years of professional experience in the finance and real estate industry. In addition to his work as a partner in a large international law firm, where he headed the banking and capital markets law department for many years, he has served on various supervisory and administrative boards, predominantly in the banking and real estate sectors in Germany and abroad. Currently, he is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BF.direkt AG, Stuttgart and EURAM Bank AG, Vienna.

Armin Hofmann

Supervisory Board Vice-Chairman

Member of the Supervisory Board since 1 January 2021

With his company group, Mr Hofmann has decades of experience in real estate property investment and in various other sectors such as medical technology, software and the Internet. Moreover, he has been a member of various supervisory boards in the USA and Germany in recent years.

Eric Mozanowski

Member of the Supervisory Board

Member of the Supervisory Board since 29 April 2020

Eric Mozanowski, businessman, has extensive experience in the real estate property sector and in the management of real estate companies, including as CSO of Estavis AG Berlin (2008-2011) and as a board member of The Grounds (2017-2018). He has established many different companies in the last 30 years, focusing on the project development, refurbishment and marketing of residential real estate properties.